Alan's Journey

Alan attended The Grey in Port Elizabeth for nine years. He then spent the next four years at Kingswood College in Grahamstown. He was the head of his hostel in his final year. Alan gained his colours for swimming, rugby and tennis.

In 1976 Alan joined the Standard Bank. After six months in the bank, he headed off to do his national service. He attended the Infantry School where he became an officer. After twelve months he returned to the bank for two years.

Alan always had a deep desire to become a teacher. He completed his four year education degree and then taught for six years at the Grey Junior School. During this time he also completed his Honours in Education through Rhodes University.

In 1990 Alan was offered a job at Volkswagen SA. He spent three years working in the Education and Training Division. In 1993 he was offered the job of heading up Management and Staff Development at Delta Motor Corporation. In 1995 he founded his own consulting business called Visionary Consulting.Ten years later he linked up with the Red Cherry Group of Companies and became Red Cherry Consulting. Alan has done work across South Africa, in Africa and overseas for more than 70 organisations.

Alan shares with people that he is an Awareness Specialist and a Change Agent. He has played the role of consultant, teambuilder, facilitator, conference speaker, mentor and life coach. A number of companies have been through Strategic Workshops with Alan. A big focus of Alan’s has been working with Marketing, Sales, Engineering, Production, Quality, Finance and Human Resources Teams. Companies such as Adient International, Coca Cola, Continental Tyre, Firestone, Ti Auto and Volkswagen are just some of the companies that have used Alan to build and strengthen their teams. Alan has designed, developed and implemented more than 30 ‘People Empowerment Programmes’ over the past 25 years. Personal Mastery, Powerful Presentations, Striving for Excellence and Win-Win Negotiation are just four of his more popular programmes.

Alan has captained provincial golf, squash and swimming teams. He has held leadership positions in education, business, sport, the military and the church.

Alan is the author of ‘Winning Hearts and Minds’ (Legendary Leaders, Star Players, Healthy Relationships and Strong Teams) which was launched in 2016. He has been given the opportunity to meet with CEOs, MDs, Managers, Ministers and Headmasters in order to give them a copy of his book. The feedback that he has received regarding his book has been very positive. He has also written 14 shorter colourful books which can be read in 30 minutes. They focus on business, faith, sport and personal excellence.

The 2020 Corona Virus has forced many people to think more seriously about the online journey. Alan knew that he would need a highly experienced technology partner. In Bradley Millar he found a business partner who helped develop a system to bring his dream online. The focus of the online site is to offer a holistic online experience. When visiting the site you will see enlightening books, empowering courses, inspirational videos and a range of business and personal products/services.

Alan's Purpose Focuses on...

1. EMPOWERMENT – Knowledge and Skills

2. ENLIGHTENMENT – Wisdom and Understanding

3. ENCOURAGEMENT – Building Others Up

4. ENGAGEMENT – Interaction and Involvement

5. ENJOYMENT – Fun and Laughter


Knowledge, Wisdom and Experience

“Alan’s knowledge, wisdom and experience packed into five days, was awesome. He is such a wonderful and lovely man who has fantastic facilitation skills”

– Kenny Kangwa

A Kind and Excellent Trainer

“I am happy and amazed with the new me. I have been moved to a new level as my mind and eyes have been opened. I have never met a kinder or more excellent trainer.” 

– Safeson Chikomba

A Man to Remember

“We need Alan back as he is a man to remember. What an excellent experience.”

 – Kenneth Muwowo


Inspiring and Motivating

“I was at your most inspiring and motivating talk last night. Thank you for a truly great talk at the ‘One Hour Leadership’ evening. I will certainly take a lot of this on my every day journey.”

– Hayley

Our Country Needs Committed Leaders

“Our country needs committed leaders such as Alan Glover. He is really passionate about people and what he does. He has such a servant heart and this one hour ‘Winning Hearts and Minds’  leadership presentation was excellent.” 

– Xolani

An Awareness Specialist and Change Agent