Online projects are going to be a part of the ‘New World of Work.’

I joined Volkswagen SA in 1990. For about two years I was involved in the ‘Total Quality Excellence’ project. It was an international quality philosophy, whose founder was Crosby. It was customised to meet the needs of Volkswagen SA.

In 1993, I designed a ‘Performance Management System’ for Delta Motor Corporation. I customized it to meet the needs of the organisation.

Willard Batteries asked me to champion the ‘5S Housekeeping Project’ in 2015. It was implemented across the whole organisation.

I have just shared three examples of ‘Corporate Customised Projects’ that I have been involved in.

AWG Online is in a position to design, develop and deliver Online Projects that will address present and future needs within the organisation.

A project is identified and then a process is followed that will result in an Online Driven Intervention being implemented.

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