Golf, A Great Game


  • Pages – 49
  • Words – Approximately 11 200 words.
  • Duration – About a 45 minute read.

The Ten Personal Mastery Pillars are given a golf flavour in this book. They are 1. Find Your Calling / Purpose 2. Unlock Your Potential 3. Polish Your Gift
4. Focus on Your Performance 5. Get Great Results 6. Coach and Grow Others 7. Always Give it Your Best Shot 8. Never Give Up 9. Build Your Credibility
10. Raise the bar.

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  • Pages – 49
  • Words – Approximately 11 200 words.
  • Duration – About a 45 minute read.

I designed and developed a course called Personal Mastery in 2008. I implemented it for the first time at Volkswagen SA. There was a group of ladies from Finance and Purchasing who attended. They loved the course and I was greatly encouraged by the positive feedback. The course is built around the ‘Ten Personal Mastery Pillars.’

When writing this golf book, I decided to use the ten pillars and give them a golf flavour. The ten pillars can be seen below.

  1. Find Your Purpose and Calling.
  2. Unlock Your Potential.
  3. Polish Your Gift.
  4. Focus on Your Performance.
  5. Get Great Results.
  6. Coach and Grow Others.
  7. Always Give It Your Best Shot.
  8. Never Give Up.
  9. Build Your Credibility.
  10. Raise the Bar.

Under number four, the focus is on performance. Under this point I share the seven building blocks of a peak performer. They are..

  • Commitment.
  • Motivation.
  • Knowledge.
  • Skills.
  • Mindset.
  • Attitude.
  • Values.

I hope that you decide to invest in this booklet. I feel certain that you will find it meaningful, helpful and interesting .There are many valuable life lessons in this book, even for people who do not play golf. Golf is so much more than just a physical game. There are so many golf books that have a technical focus. These books would focus on the grip, stance, swing and other technical aspects. This golf book of mine is not a technical one. The focus is much more on the mind, emotions and attitude. Golf is more of a mental game that requires mental strength, focus, discipline, patience and perseverance. All of these skills are needed on the golf course and in life. Golfers, I hope that this book lowers your score. For the non-golfers who read this book, I hope that the lessons help you in your life. You may even decide to start playing golf. If you do, keep your head still and swing easy.

All of the best!


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