Jesus, the Perfect Leader


  • Pages – 30
  • Words – Approximately 5600 words.
  • Duration – About a 22 minute read.

Leaders – Made or Born? The 4D Factor. The Descending Ds. Three Powerful Qualities – Influence, Inspiration and Integrity. These are the main focus areas.

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  • Pages –38
  • Words – 6900
  • Approximate Reading Time – 28 minutes

Many will agree that Jesus is the greatest leader who ever lived. Thousands of years after his crucifixion, he still has millions of followers around the world. We have a leadership crisis in our world, because very few leaders truly lead like Jesus. Many leaders are selfish and self-centred and do not practice ‘Servant Leadership.’ I have been running leadership programmes for more than 30 years, as I know how important leadership is. Everything rises or collapses around the quality of the leaders. I have held leadership positions in business, the church, in sport, in education and in the military. I am grateful for the many opportunities that I have been given to lead, guide and encourage others.

In this booklet you will be enlightened regarding managing / leading and if leaders are made or born. The 4D Factor and the Descending Ds are useful for leading others and for leading our own lives. Leaders and followers will never be perfect, as perfection is a pipedream. We should however be striving to lead and to live more like Jesus. It is all about growing in maturity. Three important focus areas of leadership will be discovered namely – Influence, Inspiration and Integrity. We all need to positively impact our own lives and the lives of others.

I hope that you decide to invest in this booklet. I feel certain that you will find it meaningful, helpful and interesting. All of the best as you strive to be a person of influence who is admired by many.



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