Super Squash


  • Pages – 50
  • Words – Approximately 9000
  • Reading Time – Around 35 minutes ( Reading about 250 words per minute.)

Here the Model T – Talent, Time, Tactics, Temperament and Toughness will be discovered.

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SUPER SQUASH ( A Truly Great Game.)

  • Pages – 50
  • Words – Approximately 9000
  • Reading Time – Around 35 minutes ( Reading about 250 words per minute.)

You will see at the bottom of the cover the following – Giving Life and Squash your Best Shot! People who do not play squash, have enjoyed this colourful book as it has many LIFE LESSONS.

The first section is called – Sport is Big Business. Sports stars make millions as sport is a massive entertainment industry. We live in an upside world where teachers and nurses are not all that well paid. A great teacher or nurse, should earn an excellent salary. I am not sure how people can justify paying sports stars millions and teachers only thousands. I admire top sports stars, but I admire great teachers and nurses just as much. I focus on success factors such as Skill, Strategy, Stamina, Speed, Strength, Suppleness, Sportsmanship and Supplementation.

The second section focuses on – Maximising Your Potential. A wasted life is a tragedy. We all need to give life our best shot, so that we are successful and have as few regrets as possible. Potential is often linked to a person’s gifts / talents. We are all good at something. The secret is to discover our purpose, passion and potential. We then need to be energised for action by being dedicated, focused and disciplined.

The third section is very squash specific and focuses on my Top Ten Tips for becoming a great squash player. In any ball game it is important to keep our eye on the ball. Squash players will discover the other nine tips in the book. The tips do not include stamina, speed and strength, as these are covered earlier on in the book.

The fourth section is very important as it covers ‘The Model T.’ The five focus areas of this model I designed, can be seen below.

  • Talent.
  • Time.
  • Tactics.
  • Temperament.
  • Toughness.

These five can be applied to all aspects of our lives and they receive a lot of attention in this colourful booklet. All of the best with your squash game and with the game of life.

I hope that you decide to invest in this booklet. I feel certain that you will find it meaningful, helpful and interesting.


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