Winning Hearts and Minds – Full Book



By: Alan Glover
  • Pages – 204
  • Words – Around 80 000.
  • Approximate Reading Time = 5 hours. ( Reading around 250 words per minute.)

This is a 80 000 word book made up of more than 200 pages. The focus is on being a Great / Quality Person, Relationship Building and The Power of Teamwork.

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  • Pages – 204
  • Words – Around 80 000.
  • Approximate Reading Time = 5 hours. ( Reading around 250 words per minute.)

In a nutshell, this book is all about being a peak performer who is a great relationship builder. Quality people are committed, motivated, knowledgeable and skilled. They also have great mindsets, positive winning attitudes and sound values. About 75 pages of the book are dedicated to what I call the “Q Factor” – IQ + EQ + AQ1 + AQ2. The focus here is on…

  • Managing Your Mind.
  • Mastering Your Emotions.
  • A Positive Winning Attitude.
  • Overcoming Adversity.

Under the ‘Relationship Building’ section, the focus is on the ‘GMT Strategy’ and the ‘Big Five.’ The managing director of Volkswagen asked me how does one go about winning the hearts and minds of people. The words – Greet, Meet and Treat just seemed to pop out of my mouth. I was asked to expand a bit on my answer. My response can be seen below.

  • GREET – Acknowledge and Engage People.
  • MEET – Positive and Productive Interactions.
  • TREAT – Making People Feel Valued and Special.

The ‘Big Five’ are the relationship building blocks. For fun, I linked the five success factors to the animals that make up the ‘Big 5.’

  1. LION = Building Trust.
  2. LEOPARD = Showing Respect.
  3. ELEPHANT = Knowing and Understanding Others.
  4. BUFFALO = Creating Win-Win Situations.
  5. RHINO = A Caring and Sharing Approach.

I shared the above first, as 80% of the book is focused on Quality People who are excellent Relationship Builders.

When I wrote the book, I decided to start with a chapter called – Building a Better and Brighter Future. Here I focus on Positive, Productive and Pleasant. There is an explanation below.

  • POSITIVE – The Actual Place.
  • PRODUCTIVE – Performance and Results.
  • PLEASANT – People and Relationships.

The second chapter is a short section on ‘Leadership.’ There are so many books on leadership, that I did not want to write another leadership book. I just feel that leadership has such a profound impact on the hearts and the minds of people, that I had to include a short section on leadership.

The final chapter I called – ‘An Implementation Strategy.’ I believe that my book contains a winning recipe when it comes to being a Peak Performer who is an excellent Relationship Builder. Actions always speak far louder than words. We have to put into practice what we discover in this book, if we hope to become quality people who get on really well with others. This final chapter is more focused on how the message is implemented within an organisation and within teams. At a personal level, you would need to put in place a ‘Personal Improvement Plan, that will help you to polish your performance and results. By the end of June 2021, the ‘Q Factor Course’ will be available online. As I mentioned, seventy pages of this book are dedicated to the ‘Q Factor.’ For the past 15 years I have actually run the ‘Q Factor’ course for thousands of people. I thought that I would now put it online, so thousands more people can benefit.

I hope that you decide to invest in this book. I feel certain that you will find it meaningful, helpful and interesting. You will see from the comments below, that many people have found it a great read. The magic takes place when you live out the message. May you become a SHINING STAR!



  • Alan, I was very impressed with your book that I read. ( Roy – Past Managing Director—Beverage Industry )
  • What a wonderful book that Alan has written! ( Jenny – Sales Director  )
  • Alan, your book is really well written and we can definitely get it into the book stores. ( Editor – Joburg Publishing Company )
  • Alan I really enjoyed reading your book on the flight back to the UK. Your passion shines through and your message is powerful. ( Patrick—Financial Director )
  • I was given a copy of your book by my friend. What a fantastic book. I am addicted and cannot wait to turn to the next page. I wish that the bible was written like your book. ( Asanda – Fancourt Golf Estate )
  • ‘Winning Hearts and Minds’ was an awesome read! ( Bev – Car Hire Regional Manager. )
  • Alan, Marcelle received your book as a gift from us and he has read it and loved it. ( Jenna — Red Cherry )
  • I love the simple crisp style of your book! ( Charles – Human Resources Director. )
  • Your book is so inspirational. I loved reading it. ( Pat – St. John’s Methodist. )
  • Thank you for the delightful gift that is quite special. Congratulations and it is great that you can share your passion and expertise. You continue to be a ray of sunshine in our city. I am loving reading your book!  ( Liza – Production Academy Manager. )

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    Great book, Alan!

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