This amazing adventure is targeted at the UK Youngsters who are about to enter their final year of schooling. This life changing experience will take place in the beautiful Eastern Cape at the southern tip of Africa. The July / August holiday break will be used to schedule this adventure. Alan and Mike Glover collectively have more than 50 years of experience in Education, Training and Tours. The three focus areas of the adventure are…

  • ACTION LEARNINGLeadership, Communication, Problem Solving, Teamwork and People Skills.
  • AMAZING ADVENTURESMotorbike and Mountain Bike Challenges.
  • COMMUNITY UPLIFTMENTBuilding Projects, Sporting Events and Fun Activities.

Alan wrote a colourful story to give interested people a better feel of what happens during the adventure. Click on this link to discover more about the Inzuzo Adventure. This is not an academic experience, it is an experiential one. Skills will be discovered and polished in a practical way.

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