• Memory Training Level 1 – Basic Memory Techniques and Application.

  • Memory Training Level 2 – Advanced Memory Techniques and Application.

  • Reading – For Speed, Understanding and Retention.

  • Summarising – Identifying Important Information, Layout and Studying.

  • Life Skills – Mind •Emotions •Attitude •Adversity •Communication

  • The Grade 9 to 11 Intervention

The International Future of Jobs Study, identified five critical skills. These skills can all be gained online before reaching Grade 12. The five courses will be available in June 2021.

  • Grade 9 : Self Management and Thinking Skills

  • Grade 10 : Communication and Research Skills

  • Grade 11 : Relationship Building Skills

At the moment, just the Memory Training Level One Course is available online. The Life Skills and Future of Jobs courses, will be available in June 2021.

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